World Wide Flat Football is a company based out of New Mexico who wants to connect individuals within communities by playing sport.

WWFFB came to us with an idea to build an online platform where people can sign up or create a team, set up matches between teams, enter their scores after the game and see their performance stats

The Web Application has two sides: the Manager and the Player side.

The player side allows them to sign up to an existing team, play matches and see your teams performance, and see other teams.

The Manger side allows them to do everything in the player mode plus create or take over an existing team, allow new players to join their team and set up matches with other teams.

We're building the web application with the following technologies: NODE JS, Strapi CMS, SASS and with these JS libraries; React Js, Next JS, Express. We chose to build this web application on NODE JS as we needed this web application to be extremely fast.

We built the frontend in Next JS. Next JS uses React but has some additional features which improve the web experience and SEO.

React is a single page application, so it's not designed for SEO. We needed lots of different pages with titles, metadata, different URLs all the while having the same fast load speed. Next JS allows us to build in React JS and have the SEO optimizations we need. Netflix, Uber and Hulu, all use Next JS for their web applications.

We added Express JS as we needed a backend which could handle API calls and manage to send and receive data from Strapi.

Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It is built on JS, which means it's incredibly fast and powerful. Strapi allows you to create custom post types and build a complex API structure through the code or the GUI. It's easy for the client to use and yet complex enough to build large scale web applications. These are a few companies that use it: IBM, Walmart and NASA.

The website is hosted on Heroku. The Heroku hosting platform is built by Salesforce and uses AWS to host its website and web applications.



World Wide Flat Football wants to connect individuals within communities by playing sport. We are building the Application on Node JS, Strapi CMS, React, Next JS, Express and SASS.

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5 stars review

My site was almost 15 years old and badly in need of updating. It looked “old fashioned”. Bizz Websites were very responsive. They listened and worked with us to create a new site.

Since the launch of the website, we are getting lots of compliments, especially from the younger generation of customer engineers I work with.

There were a few typos, but these were all corrected quickly. We can’t wait to add more content to the new site!

5 stars review

Bizz Websites created a new site for us and a new brand. Since the launch of the website, we have been receiving great feedback from clients, and we have been more productive.

There were a few hiccups along the way, but Bizz Websites handled them very well.

Overall, great customer service and transparency.

5 stars review

Bizz Websites are very good at communicating and quickly responding to issues. Overall I would rate the experience of working with Bizz Websites as very good.

5 stars review

Our old website was out of date. Bizz Websites are fantastic at communicating and have extremely quick response times.

Since the launch of the website, we get very positive feedback all around which has improved business.

I would highly recommend Bizz Websites.

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