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Bizz Website's Team

Daniel Bisgrove
Daniel Bisgrove

Lead Developer & Founder

Mary Bisgrove
Mary Bisgrove

Finance Manager & Founder

How Daniel went from Apprentice to Lead Developer

Daniel Bisgrove started at humble beginnings as an Apprentice Developer and eventually became the Head Developer of a large company and teaches weekly at a coding school called Global U.

Daniel started coding in 2010 at age 16 when he got his first job working at an e-learning platform as a Helpdesk Administrator. The job mostly involved solving issues users were having, but when there were no issues, He would learn to code and help the development team on projects.

In 2012 Daniel got accepted for an apprentice position at a digital agency called Star Digital, where he helped build websites and assist other developers. For the next 3 years, he worked for Star Digital and their sibling company Auction Marketer.

After the first year, Daniel was promoted to Junior Web Developer and soon after to Front-end developer. By this time, Daniel was leading a team of developers on a variety of projects such as e-commerce stores and custom web applications, while teaching new apprentices and junior developers how to code. In the last year working at Star Digital and Auction Marketer, Daniel became a Full-Stack Developer, meaning he was a Front-End and Back-End Developer. He was offered the job as Lead Developer of Auction Marketer, which he turned down and left the company to pursue leadership skills and his faith.

Soon after Daniel met his lovely wife, Mary Bisgrove, who is an American, and they ended up moving to the United States. It wasn’t long before Daniel started a new job as a Full-Stack developer at Adventures in Missions and World Race Mission Trips, managing their websites and building advanced web applications.

In 2020 Daniel was promoted to Lead Developer where he leads a team of developers and teaches web development, UI, UX and marketing skills at Global U, a nine-month full-stack web development program for young adults.

How Bizz Websites changed my websiteHow Bizz Websites changed my website

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5 stars review

My site was almost 15 years old and badly in need of updating. It looked “old fashioned”. Bizz Websites were very responsive. They listened and worked with us to create a new site.

Since the launch of the website, we are getting lots of compliments, especially from the younger generation of customer engineers I work with.

There were a few typos, but these were all corrected quickly. We can’t wait to add more content to the new site!

5 stars review

Bizz Websites created a new site for us and a new brand. Since the launch of the website, we have been receiving great feedback from clients, and we have been more productive.

There were a few hiccups along the way, but Bizz Websites handled them very well.

Overall, great customer service and transparency.

5 stars review

Bizz Websites are very good at communicating and quickly responding to issues. Overall I would rate the experience of working with Bizz Websites as very good.

5 stars review

Our old website was out of date. Bizz Websites are fantastic at communicating and have extremely quick response times.

Since the launch of the website, we get very positive feedback all around which has improved business.

I would highly recommend Bizz Websites.

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